3rd Annual

April 13th, 2019

FBC Gymnasium

Sponsored in loving memory of

Jenny Reasor

The Reasor Family

We are so excited to see our favorite Tahlequah women show off their fabulous table decorating skills and enjoy a meal with their best gal pals.

It is seriously fun.

This event has been a smashing success both previous years and has propelled us toward our goal to provide STAR Autism System certification training and curriculum kits to every elementary SpEd department in Cherokee County. Recipients this year are Tenkiller and Briggs Elementary Schools. This curricula improves outcomes especially for non-verbal children and those with significant learning disadvantages. Many children in SpEd classrooms are transient. Due to circumstances beyond their control, these children are often moved from school to school throughout the county as they are passed between family members or as their parents' living situation changes. Having this curriculum at each county school would provide comfort, continuity, and support to local kids who need it most.

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